MTN Hourly Bundles: Activate 2gb for 200, 5gb for N500

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MTN recently launched the hourly bundles aimed at giving users the opportunity to browse and download for a very cheap price. The hourly bundles which is meant for people who want to do alot of activities on the internet without spending much as the plans are very cheap with very huge data allocation; at least way higher than what we’re used to on the network.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to activate MTN Hourly data bundles which gives 2gb for 200, 5gb for 500 naira and 10gb for just N1,000. As you can see the data allocation is very high and rightfully so, the data bundles are just valid for an hour with no option to roll over if the plan(s) is about expiring or time running out. These hourly bundles is a new addition to the affordable data plans on the network but it’s coming rather late because many other networks have the hourly bundles already.

About MTN Hourly Data Bundles

About MTN hourly data bundles

The MTN hourly data bundles as already stated is a list of mind-blowing data offers that are only valid for an hour after subscription. This means, the data bundles will expire after an hour of subscribing, only time the data expiry will exceed an hour is if you subscribe to them in a cumulative way, like subscribing to the 2gb plan twice in a row.

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If you do so, it will expire one after the other as the first 2gb plan will start running and expire before the second expiry time starts counting. But generally, they are nice data plans for people who have major activities to do on the internet within a certain period of time.

How to Activate MTN 2gb for 200, 5gb for 500 Naira

List of mtn hourly data bundles

  • Dial *312#
  • Select 1 i.e. data plans
  • Then select 10 which is Hourly Data
  • You will see the list of hourly bundles. On the list you will see the 2gb for 200, 5gb for 500 and 10gb for 1,000 naira plans.
  • Ensure you have the requisite airtime balance for any of the plans you wish to go for and proceed to purchase the data bundle of your choice. You will be credited and an hour after subscribing, the data plan you subscribed to will expire.
  • So you would need to browse and download whatever you have in mind within the hour allocated to you otherwise the airtime used in subscribing will be a waste.

There is currently no way to extend the data bundle expiry time. It’s hourly bundle and as such, you must subscribe only when you have something urgent to do on the internet.

That’s all there is to know about the MTN hourly bundles! Feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting money making and freebie updates.

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