Amino Move Launch Date & How to Start Earning By Walking

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Amino move is a cryptocurrency project that gives users the opportunity to earn money when they keep fit on a daily basis. The more you walk or move around from one place to the other, you earn $AMO tokens that can be converted when the tokens officially go live.

For some months now, users from around the world have been accumulating $AMO tokens on Amino Move and from the recent announcement by the platform on X that the token will be launched officially soon, people have been asking some questions such as, is Amino move real or scam, is amino move legit or a scam project and many other questions related to the legitimacy of the platform.

In as much as Amino move has not fully launched and one can’t really provide any proof of its legitimacy, there is a huge chance that the platform could be legit. This is not the first time a platform like Amino move is showing up, we experienced something similar during sweatcoin era and people made some money from sweatcoin.

In this article, we will not just be finding out some details about Amino move but also going to know how to start accumulating our own $AMO tokens to be at an advantage when the platform eventually kicks off.

When Will $AMO Tokens Be Launched?

$AMO tokens launch date

Amino move released a report on the popular micro-blogging platform that it will be kicking off full operations and launch of its tokens known as $AMO on the 24th of October. This means that on the 24th of October, $AMO token will actually have financial value and not just be an online figure.

Is Amino Move Legit or Scam Project?

How to accumulate $amo tokens on Amino move

Amino move appears to be a legit project from the various indicators. The platform is running something similar to sweatcoin and since users are not required to make any payment before they can start accumulating the token, I see no reason why you should not try registering.

When it launches the token, people will be able to swap the token to real money. So imagine being paid for just keeping fit? That’s amazing!

How to Start Accumulating $AMO Tokens

To start accumulating $AMO tokens you have to download the app and sign up. Download Amino Move and sign up.

Amino move email verification

While signing up, make sure your details are correct including your email address because they send verification mail to confirm the account being created.

Endeavour to use this code – Ericksson100 as your referral code while creating an account in order to be rewarded with 100 $AMO token that will start up your money accumulation process. The more you move or keep fit, the more token you get.

How to Get More $AMO Tokens

There are other ways of getting extra AMO tokens and they are as follows;

  1. Referring people to download and sign up Amino move with your own referral link or code. You get 100 $AMO token and your friend also gets 100 for free.
  2.  Signing in daily. To do this, make sure you open the app daily and click on Daily Check-in to get extra 5 $AMO.

These are the two extra ways of getting more token apart from engaging in physical activities or reaching your goals on the app daily.

How Can $AMO tokens be Redeemed?

Earned tokens can be held, swapped or redeemed in the Amino catalog for numerous items and exclusive sports experiences.

So the $AMO tokens obtained from the amino move app be used to redeemed interesting gifts or prizes on the Amino catalog when it eventually launched on the 24th of October.

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