How to Get Free Apple Music Subscription On MTN For 6 Months

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Are you aware that you can now get free apple music subscription for 6months using MTN? Apple music is perhaps the most popular catalogue where users enjoy local and international songs ranging in millions. It is commonly the go-to for most music lovers and luckily for everyone MTN partnered with apple music to give her subscribers free subscription and access to the service for 6 months!

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This means as an MTN user, you get to enjoy a premium music application without paying a dime and also there are no annoying ads but after the first 6 months, users will now renew with 1,000 naira every month. So if you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy premium streaming of songs with your phone, this is the perfect time to get onboard. Without wasting much time, below are the steps to follow in order to enjoy streaming myriad of songs on apple music using your MTN line.

How to Get Free Apple Music Subscription For 6 Months Using MTN

How to get free apple music subscription on MTN for 6 months

  • To activate the free apple music subscription for 6-months using your MTN line, simply dial *447*2*4*1# and wait for the response.
  • You will be prompted to accept the subscription with a notification that you will be charged after the 6 months period. Simply accept and your subscription will commence.
  • After authorizing the subscription, you will receive a text message from MTN confirming your activation of the service.

That’s all it takes to enjoy the free apple music subscription for 6months using MTN! The free offer is available to both new and old customers but there are certain things you should also beware of and they are as follows;

Frequently Asked Questions About The Free Apple Music Subscription

MTN apple music free subscription

1. What happens after the 6 months free subscription?

  • You will be charged a monthly subscription of 1000 naira for continued usage of the service.

2. Is the Free Apple Music Subscription Available on Other Networks?

  • No, it’s only an offer open to MTN users. We can’t say if it will be available on other networks later, but for now it only works with MTN lines.

3. Will I be Charged From My Debit Card After the 6months?

  • No, you will be charged from your airtime balance. If you have up to 1,000 naira in your airtime balance upon renewal, it will be deducted.

4. How do I cancel the apple music auto renewal?

  • You can unsubscribe by sending any of these shortcodes to 8000; Stop Music, No Music, End Music. The subscription will be cancelled and you won’t be charged. But only do this if you wouldn’t like to renew after the free period.

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