Newsage Review: Is Legit Or Scam?

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Newsage review

Newsage is a high yield staking platform where users are allowed to stake their Core in order to earn higher returns. It’s been trending for sometime and for that reason, I thought it wise to write a newsage review, in order to answer the numerous questions potential users may have about the platform.

In this review, we will be having a look at how to add the Core Blockchain to your metamask, how to register on newsage as well as how to stake and start claiming core tokens on a daily basis. Without wasting time, let’s dive into the main topic or reason for writing the article.

About Newsage

Newsage with the url is a decentralised and sustainable DeFI matrix where users get to transform connections into currency.

Now it works using the Core Blockchain, all users have to do is to stake a certain amount of core on the platform and then sign into the website daily using their metamask wallet to claim the yields from their stake daily for life.

Newsage claims that the core users can claim is for a lifetime, so you keep earning till the platform stops working. We’ve seen something similar to newsage some time ago in forsage and even though some people earned from it, some still lost some money to it.

Newsage Review – Is Legit Or Scam? may be legit at the moment but I don’t know how long this will be. Reason is, platforms like this tend to pay the first crop of users well and after sometime they get weak and eventually stop paying.

So if you’ll ever register on newsage, there is need to do it when the platform is still relatively new to avoid losing your hard earned money. Since this is a review of newsage, I’d be honest to you in every way.

There are some red flags about newsage you should know based on my analysis or observation after signing up on the website and they are as follows;

1. It is not really out of place to regard newsage as a hyip. Reason is, the rewards are too high for a platform that really claims to be sustainable. It’s as though, the sustainable part mentioned in newsage intro is just formality.

Imagine staking 12.6 core and claiming 1.72 core daily forever. That’s very impossible and unsustainable and besides that, the referral rewards are very high. We will talk about that later though but they don’t portray signs of a sustainable platform.

2. Secondly, newsage website is new and it’s not really credible. I looked the URL up on some rating websites and it returned a “likely scam” result or overall rating. While this is not foolproof, it’s still worthy to be mentioned in this newsage review to give everyone a hint about the platform they are about signing up or staking money on.

Lastly, the website doesn’t look strong to me. The interface is poor and it malfunctions at certain areas. Claiming your daily core takes time sometimes and the website doesn’t look too safe for something people will deposit money on.

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That’s that for the few red flags about the platform, let’s get down to how you can add core Blockchain to your meta mask. Note, the explanations will also contain several screenshot illustrations for better guidance.

How to Add Core to Metamask Wallet

How to add core to Metamask Wallet

Firstly, login to your metamask wallet and click on the network details showing at the top. You will see option to add a new network.

Click on Add new network and select Custom network. You will be shown a form to fill. Simply fill the form using the details below

Network Name: Core Blockchain


Chain ID:1116

Currency Symbol: CORE

Block Explorer URL:

After filling, submit and the core Blockchain will be added to your metamask.

Then click on the core on your dashboard, select receive, copy your address and send to any crypto trader i.e. when you’re ready to register on newsage and deposit $7 worth of Core which is around 13 Core.

How to Register On Newsage

You must complete the above steps on metamask and fund your wallet with the required amount before you can sign Up On newsage.

If you’ve done the above, copy this newsage URL and paste it on your metamask browser. –

When it loads, connect your wallet to the website and the amount needed to be staked will be deducted from your wallet and then you will be given the opportunity to claim the daily core from newsage.

To claim, scroll down on the newsage dashboard and you will see option to claim for the day. Like I said, all users can claim 1.72 core daily for as long as the platform lasts after staking the 12.6 core.

It will take you a couple of days to claim your full capital plus some gain and then whatever amount you claim afterwards will be purely profit.

There are risks associated with staking on newsage but then, if you’ve made up your mind to register like I did, follow the steps on this article to get it done.

How Newsage Referral Program Works

This is actually the most interesting part, you get $3 per referral gotten on newsage and extra 1 Core daily.  If you are able to refer 30 people, you earn $30 and 10 daily core.

Newsage Withdrawal Steps withdrawal proof

Whatever you claim on newsage gets added to your core balance on metamask instantly, so you can always send it out.

If you want to send it out, knowing that not all exchanges support Core at the moment, you’d have to download Mexchange otherwise referred to as Mexc exchange and sign up.

Kyc is not needed, so just open an account and click on deposit, search for Core and copy the address.

Go to Metamask and send the core you have to your mexc wallet then swap from Core to USDT on the exchange to have your money.

That’s all you need to know about I hope this newsage review answered some questions you may have about the platform? If you have some comments also feel free to share in the comment section and join our telegram channel for more updates.

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