TON Web3 Game Review: All You Need to Know About Notcoin Tap Game

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Ton web3 game review

In the crypto space, we have witnessed the launch of many airdrop projects that were hyped so much with users having very high hopes only for the project to be a flop and also witnessed some with little to no hype becoming flagship projects. The TON web3 telegram based gaming where users accumulate Notcoin has become a thing in recent times with people farming millions of the meme coin with high hopes of it being a major deal when eventually launched.

In this ton web3 game review therefore, we will be having a look at some assumptions about this Notcoin farming that are untrue or doesn’t hold water at the moment. I know it’s normal for people to hype whatever they take seriously or whatever seems to be a big deal but the truth remains and the assumptions remain. In this review, we will be finding out all there is to know about this web3 gaming based on telegram. Without wasting much time let’s get started.

What is Notcoin?

Notcoin at the moment is a meme coin that is still basically, an idea and not yet a thing truth be told. While there are speculations that the Notcoin will be minted on TON Blockchain thus the growth in popularity and user base of farmers, this is not the case at the moment and no major indication point to this speculation being realistic.

Succinctly put, therefore, Notcoin is just an internet marketing plot than a real cryptocurrency at best because it’s not currently being mined, the button clicker software is just a game, so calling the current Notcoin accumulation a mining process is wrong and fallacious when placed side by side with reality.

When Will Notcoin Be Minted?

I know this is a burning question for most people farming the coin at the moment, but there is no answer to it. No one currently knows when and/or if Notcoin will be minted, no one knows if when minted would be worth anything or not.

It is safe therefore, to say that the future of notcoin i.e. whether or not it will be minted is purely uncertain and no one knows what the future holds. A statement from TON Foundation further proves this to be the reality by staying; that “There is no Notcoin token, and a Notcoin has no market value. Notcoin operates as an in-game virtual asset within Telegram’s Web3 ecosystem and does not function as a cryptocurrency.”

It’s clearly written in the telegram bot just before you commence the process of accumulating Notcoin that it’s a “game” which further reiterates my earlier position that calling the Notcoin telegram game a mining game is wrong. Notcoin is just an idea and there’s no plan so far to make it a crypto asset unless things change in the future.

TON Web3 Game Review – Is Notcoin Legit?

For the sake of this article, there is no point writing an epistle to answer this simple question. Notcoin as we have it presently, operates as an in-game virtual asset within telegram’s web3 ecosystem and doesn’t function or serve as a cryptocurrency.

So there is no way to know if it’s a legit project or not until the company takes steps to mint the token, then and only then will the facts stated in this article be altered to suit the reality at the time. Should you stop accumulating Notcoin? I don’t advise you to stop, as a matter of fact, you should continue because like I said the world of cryptocurrency is dynamic and with the growth rate of the game, it could become something huge in the future.

Since it’s free to play the ton web3 Notcoin tap Game, who would advise an enthusiast to stop tapping and accumulating Notcoin? No sane person will do such.

Who is Behind Notcoin?

A statement from the TON foundation Once again says that the Open Builders are behind the possibly, meme-coin. Open Builders according to Information gotten from Crypto News is a group of people who are dedicated to funding projects on TON and is connected to Tonstarter, which raised $1.5 million in seed funding last year to fund ton-based projects.

So it’s likely that Notcoin may be worth it in the future as we can’t decide from now that it will be a useful or useless stuff. Below are the steps you need to follow to start accumulating Notcoin in the ton web3 game.

How to Start Accumulating Notcoin On Telegram

How to start accumulating Notcoin on Telegram

Firstly, click on the telegram link with an updated version of the telegram app and you will be directly taken to the Notcoin bot.

Now, on the app, click on Play and allow the page to load for sometime, it will display a gold plate and some Notcoin for you to start accumulating.

If you want to accumulate more Notcoin, click on the gold plate repeatedly and your Notcoin will keep increasing. But if you can’t click on it due to how stressful it gets, you can use auto clicker application to automatically hit the plate for more Notcoin.

Other Ways of accumulating more Notcoin is to refer friends, to do this, click on the frens showing on your Notcoin claim dashboard, and you will be taken back to the bot with your referral link showing.

Copy and share to friends for more Notcoin. We’ve come to the end of this ton web3 game review and I am sure you’ve gained some insights about the Notcoin accumulation and it’s use at the moment? Feel free to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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