Valora App: How to Get $0.5 & Upto $15 Cusd Free

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Valora is a cryptocurrency wallet that is running a promotion aimed at rewarding both new and existing users who refer more users to their mobile wallet. This is most likely not the first time you are hearing or reading about valora but in this piece, you will be finding out how best to utilize the referral program in order to make good amount of money.

In this article, we are going to have a look at how to get $0.5 and up to $15 bonus from signing up and also from referring new users to download and link their mobile phone number to the app as well as ensure they deposit any amount starting from 2 naira. Without wasting much time, let’s get to know more about valora and it’s amazing features.

About Valora Crypto Wallet

Valora is a mobile crypto wallet that enables you to discover a vast range of uses for your crypto. Built on Celo, the world’s first carbon-negative blockchain, Valora empowers users to easily explore the world of Web3, working towards Valora’s mission to unlock access to financial opportunities for all.

Features of Valora

1. Valora is your portal to Web3

  • Valora is a tool for exploring your favorite cryptocurrencies and dapps within the Celo ecosystem. Use your Valora wallet to swap tokens directly in the app and connect to the most exciting opportunities in Web3. The 30+ dapps in Valora empower you to do more with your crypto: save, spend, get rewards, collect NFTs and even contribute to climate & social impact causes that matter most to you.

2. Enjoy a secure, easy-to-use wallet

  • Whether you’re new to crypto or are already deep into Web3, Valora is a secure, self-custody wallet that puts you in control over your assets. Transact in seconds with complete transparency, leading security, and near-zero fees. Just be sure to store your Recovery Phrase someplace safe and be in total control of your funds.

3. Send crypto like a text message

  • Easily fund your Valora wallet to send payments worldwide or simply split the bill with a friend. All you need is a mobile phone number. Transactions occur at the speed of sending a text, even in areas with slow internet connections. Send crypto at a fraction of the cost of other blockchains – usually less than 0.001 cUSD per transaction.

4. Powered by Celo

  • Valora is built on the Celo blockchain, a global payments infrastructure that puts the power of blockchain, and financial tools and services, into the hands of anyone with a mobile phone – no matter where they are in the world.

How to Get Free $0.5 Cusd on Valora App

Valora app free $0.50 cusd

This is a welcome bonus for all new users who sign up using a referral link and deposit any amount of Celo, Celo real, cusd etc to their wallet and leave it untouched for atleast 2-3 days till the platform disburses the bonuses.

To get the bonus, you need to Download Valora via HERE.

After downloading, open the app and create a new account using a new phone that you have not used before. If you used a phone number you’d used in the past, then you won’t get the bonus. When you’re done with account creation, simply click on Add Funds select Celo or any crypto asset you wish to deposit into your wallet.

Select a crypto exchange or wallet as a means of depositing, and then copy your Celo address from valora and proceed to a vendor or to your other crypto wallet and send any amount to the address.

There is no stated amount, even 2 naira deposit will be enough for you to qualify for the $0.50 bonus from valora.

When you are done depositing, login to your valora app and click on invite frieñds, copy your referral link and share to friends and for each referral that registers and deposits any amount, you geh $0.50.

How to Get Up to $15 Cusd on Valora App

How to get Upto $15 Cusd on Valora Crypto wallet

If you want to earn up to $15 cusd on Valora wallet, then you can continue referring new users. But the interesting aspect is, self referral is possible.

All you have to do is create a new account, deposit on it, copy your keyphrase and save it. Then create other accounts with your referral link, ensure you send atleast 2 naira worth of Celo to all the accounts created with your referral link and get free $0.50 welcome bonus for all accounts created and referral bonus from all the accounts on the first account you created.

So you will be earning from all sides! Earn welcome bonus on all your self referred accounts and also earn $0.50 referral bonus from all accounts.

According to valora, the maximum referral for each account is 25. So if you have many numbers, just create many accounts and wait for 2-3 days till the bonus is credited. You mustn’t touch the deposited amount till you receive the referral and welcome bonuses.

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