Cash-in App Review: Is Cash-in Legit Or Scam?

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Cash-in App review

Cash-in is a mobile app that provides users with designated wallet address for the purpose of converting supported crypto assets to naira instantly without hassle or having to do p2p transactions to receive money. Since the services being offered by Cash-in involves money, people will be wondering if the app is legit or scam thus the need for this Cash-in App review.

In this Cash-in App review, we will have a look at some detailed information about the app, how to instantly receive naira for your crypto assets and also finding out if Cash-in App is legit or scam. If you’re wondering if Cash-in is legit, look no further as we’re going to be answering that question in this article.

About Cash-in App

About Cash-in App

Cash-in is not a wallet or an exchange, it’s an application that gives users an opportunity to instantly receive naira in exchange for their crypto assets without having to complete p2p transactions with users; which is the tradition in crypto exchanges and wallets thus making Cash-in a very easy app for users who wish to instantly convert their crypto to naira.

What are the features of Cash-in App?

Cash-in — send Crypto, receive Naira

1. Crypto-to-fiat money transfer at zero service fees. Send Crypto, receive Naira in your bank account.

2. Cash-in App makes it possible for any user to send Crypto to their designated Cash-in wallet address in the app, and automatically receive the value in Naira via their registered Naira bank account within minutes.

According to what I noticed, Cash-in is best suited for certain class of people such as offline/online workers, remote workers, freelancers and people who get paid in cryptocurrency but perhaps have no intention to store their monies in crypto. You can easily receive naira or local currency in exchange for your crypto assets from the platform or place you work for/with.

How to Instantly Convert Crypto to Naira On Cash-in App

Firstly, download Cash-in from either Play store or Apple store and sign up with your details.

When you’re done with the account creation, you will be shown an option to link your bank account. This is compulsory because the payment will be sent directly to the registered bank account when you use your Cash-in wallet address to receive crypto from people or organizations.

After linking your bank account or online financial wallet such as Palmpay or Opay, you can now copy the address of the crypto assets you wish to exchange for naira and share to the sender or use it for your withdrawals.

Cryptocurrencies Supported By Cash-in App

Cash-in App supported Cryptocurrencies

  • BUSD – No longer supported
  • USDC
  • Bitcoin | BTC
  • USDT (Trc20 and Bep20)

Simply click on the Cryptocurrencies on your dashboard, select the network and copy the address. Then send at least $1 to the address and the money will be instantly sent to your local bank account in the current rate displayed on your dashboard.

Cash-in App Review – Is Cash-in Legit Or Scam?

Since Cash-in has to do with money, this question is very much important for potential users, so for that reason, I will be answering the question as well as sharing my personal experience while using the app and also the downsides or red flags every user should beware of.

First things first, Cash-in App is legit in every sense of the word. This is not a sponsored article in any way, I’m just writing this from the viewpoint of a satisfied user. One thing that amazed me while using the app is the speed at which you get paid immediately your crypto asset hits the app. There is no form of manual process involved at all.

As soon as the payment gets credited to your designated wallet address, you will be instantly credited. This speed makes Cash-in App stand out from many other applications and also makes it a go-to for people who receive and convert crypto to naira often.

Secondly, Cash-in has wonderful reviews on play store and their Twitter (Now X profile) is littered with testimonies from users. The reviews from other users is very important regardless of one’s experience while using an app or service because some deceitful or dubious administrators treat newbies well in the beginning and later on start showing them the true colour of the platform.

This isn’t the case with Cash-in, as most reviews only buttress the earlier stated fact; that Cash-in is legit. Even though Cash-in is legit and swift in payment, there is a major downside that actually affected me partly.

People who are not so experienced in the world of crypto may lose their assets if care is not taken because sending another cryptocurrency to any wallet on the website will render your money useless and the payment won’t be processed. This is normal in crypto but then, see how it affected me.

I checked the Cash-in App, saw that they support usdt-trc20 wallet address and being aware that Tron shares same address as Usdt-trc20, I sent some trx to the Usdt trc20 wallet address but the money wasn’t processed. I messaged the admin to ask if there’s a way to rectify it but they said the money is gone. Meaning if you’re not so experienced in cryptocurrency, ensure there is someone to guide you otherwise the money may be lost.

Secondly, they only support three Cryptocurrencies in actual sense with no announcement regarding including more assets to the fold. This is not good news as it can stop many users from using the service.

That’s all for this Cash-in App review. Do you think the service is something you can try out in the nearest future? Feel free to share what you think in the comment section and also join our telegram channel for more interesting reviews.

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