Enjoy 800% Airtime Bonus & Double Data On Airtel ‘Ovajara’ Plan

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Airtel Ovajara plan

Do you know that you can enjoy 800% bonus on all recharges plus a whopping double data bonus on select data bundles when you are on Airtel Ovajara plan? Airtel is one of the leading networks in Nigeria and can boast of being one of the fastest when it comes to data connectivity and speed.

Since data is one fuel that keeps most of our activities going on social media and internet space generally, there is need for every Airtel user to know about this new tariff plan.

In today’s article, we are going to have a look at some some salient points or details about the Airtel Ovajara tariff plan and how to opt into the plan. This information will be important for both Airtel and non Airtel users who may have plans to join the network in the future.

What is Airtel Ovajara all About?

Ovajara is a tariff plan on Airtel that was used to replace the Smartconnect tariff plan, even though they share much similarities, there is something unique about the plan and we will get to know later on. This Airtel new plan offers users a whopping 800% of whatever they recharge and also double data bonus on some data bundles.

How Can A Subscriber Migrate to The Tariff Plan?

The Airtel Ovajara plan comes by default for all Airtel users and as such, purchasing a new Airtel sim automatically sets you up for this plan and what’s more interesting? You get rewarded with 1,000 activation bonus for which, 800 naira can be used for all calls and 200 Naira can be used for data activities such as browsing and texting on social media.

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But does this mean that old or existing Airtel subscribers can enjoy the benefits of the Ovajara tariff plan? The answer is no! Airtel users who would like to enjoy the benefits can get into the plan by simply dialing *544# to migrate. It’s that simple, if you have not migrated to any tariff plan in recent times, the migration will be free and you will start enjoying some of the benefits.

Like I stated earlier and have even re-emphasized in this article, the double data offer or promo on Ovajara plan is only on select data bundles and not for every amount. If you are buying data worth 50 Naira to 4,000 Naira, the Airtel Ovajara plan has hot you covered with the double data offer but anything beyond this, may not enjoy the double data offer.

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