Fireliger Review: Is a Scam Game?

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Fireliger review

Fireliger is the new online casino gaming website trending on social media at the moment and it’s available in India, Philippines, Brazil and Nigeria. Casino gaming websites have been launched in their numbers within the past 12 months and if you’re the type of person who is interested in earning some money from these websites, there is need for you to be sure they are legit before registering. In this fireliger review, we will be having a look at all there’s to know about this gaming website.

In this review as already stated, our primary focus would be on knowing more about fireliger, the registration process, minimum deposit amount and the minimum withdrawal as well aa the games available on So without wasting much time, let’s dive right into the business of the day or purpose of writing this article.

About Fireliger

Fireliger with the url is an online casino gaming website that offers a variety of games ranging from the common games we see on gambling websites such as limbo, crash, aviator like games and mines to more confusing PG games.

There are numerous games for all audiences on fireliger but the problem is, how can you make money from playing these games? We will leave that for later but for now, let’s find out more about the available games on fireliger and my personal favorite that I’d advise any intending user to play in order to have a higher chance of winning.

Fireliger Games

Fireliger games

There are numerous games available on fireliger and they are grouped under several categories, some games are In-House games, while others are VOP and Some others PG.

In all the games available on fireliger are as follows;

  • Crash
  • Limbo
  • Mines
  • Fortune tiger
  • Fortune Ox
  • Dice
  • Lucky colour
  • Plinko
  • Fruit bomb
  • Keno
  • Heego

There are many other games under other categories but these are the prominent ones and from my own experience, you can earn the most from the games listed above than the unpopular games.

How to Create An Account On Fireliger

To get started on this casino website, you need to open the fireliger website and fill the sign up form. The information required are, your email address, phone number and password including entering the captcha correctly.

When you’re done filling the sign up form, submit and you will be immediately logged in to the main dashboard where you can decide to deposit money in order to play games or you navigate around to understand the platform better.

What’s The Minimum Deposit Amount On Fireliger

Minimum Deposit on fireliger

The minimum deposit amount on the fireliger is 2,000 naira and after registration, you have to deposit because there is no registration bonus or red envelopes to aid your understanding of the platform, which is not a positive sign.

To deposit on fireliger, simply click on the red envelope icon at the top and select deposit, then select the amount you wish to deposit from the available amounts. You can’t deposit less than 2,000 naira as that may not arrive.

When you’re done depositing, select any of the games and start playing to win extra money from your risks. To be honest playing games on fireliger or any other casino gaming website is a risk, only stake what you can afford to lose.

Minimum withdrawal on fireliger

If you want to withdraw money from fireliger, simply click on the red envelope icon and select withdraw. From what I observed there is provision to withdraw via crypto on the platform but if your money is really small and you have little to no clue about crypto, it’s better to withdraw using local currency.

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Minimum withdrawal is also 2,000 naira which is fair enough for a casino website. Now to the main reason for publishing this fireliger review, is the game legit or scam?

Fireliger Review – Is legit or Scam?

Fireliger is a legit gaming website at the time of publishing this article. There’s a chance it may stop paying in the fiture, but for now it’s legit and paying. There are payment receipts available on many social messaging platforms. Fireliger being legit doesn’t mean there are no potential red flags about the website, so below are the red flags you should be mindful of;

Red Flags of Fireliger

1. Fireliger unlike other gaming websites doesn’t have a social media handle. Many other casino gaming websites I’ve reviewed or promoted in the past all had social media handles especially telegram channel where information regarding the platform are shared to keep users informed.

This is not the case with fireliger and it’s dangerous since it has to do with depositing money, errors are bound to happen, what if it happens, who would you call for assistance? They have a support option on the web but telegram feels closer and more accessible than just having a website support team.

Secondly, fireliger doesn’t have a known owner which puts the platform on a 50-50 rating. Financial websites that have no clear owner or administrator stand a higher chance of varnishing all of a sudden. So make sure you’re not depositing your school charges or money you have budgetted or set aside for something very important on the fireliger website.

Apart from the two red flags, every other thing seems to be in order. What that means therefore is that, we’ve come to the end of this fireliger review. Have you tried playing games on the website before? What was your experience like? Feel free to share and join our telegram channel for more online money making reviews and freebies.

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