Gfex Review – Is Gfex01 Legit Or Scam?

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Gfex review

Gfex is an acronym for Global Financial Exchange and in this Gfex review, we will be finding out in details some information about the platform, whether gfex is legit or scam and how to earn faster without depositing any money.

In this article as already mentioned, we are going to have a look at review of gfex, the trending money making update most people are cashing out from. Without wasting time, let’s get down to the business of the day proper.


Gfex in their own words claims to be an automatic quantification system that automatically switches for lowest spelling price of digital currencies on major exchanges such as BTC, ETH, USDT etc and quickly buys them in seconds.

Then when the value of the digital currency reaches the selling price automatically set by the system, it will be sold quickly within few seconds and the user will earn extra revenue.

There are different levels on Gfex and on the free level, you are referred to as a VIP0 user and in this case, you can earn for free without depositing any money but the number of tasks you can do in a day is just 5 and you earn a total of about $0.3-4 per day.

Gfex Review – Is Gfex Legit or Scam?

Is Gfex Legit or scam?

Well, the truth is that, Global Financial Exchange as it’s called, is a Ponzi scheme. The whole description of what they are about is done to entice users in order for them to have a different picture of what the platform is about.

Making money is not as easy as that, the owners are simply rotating money from depositors to people who are placing withdrawals but it doesn’t mean the platform is not legit at the moment.

The only interesting aspect for me is that, Gfex allows people on vip0 to withdraw, so you can utilise it to make some free money on the platform without making any deposit. If you are however reading this article to know whether or not to deposit money, I’d suggest you retrace your steps immediately as the platform may not be worth it in the long run.

Websites like Gfex01 don’t last, you can only make little from it. So depositing money may be tantamount to major financial losses. If after reading this, you still feel like depositing money then I wish you good luck.

How to Open Gfex Account

1. Click on Gfex website to create an account, you may get the error that you can’t create more than one account, just minimise and turn on any VPN connection, then head back to the site and complete registration.

2. When you’re done with that, click on the button at the center to see the option to complete tasks. Like I said, as a VIP0 user, you can complete only 5 tasks per day. It’s called quantify only 5 times in a day and to do this, just click on the start button and wait for five seconds.

Repeat the process after some seconds to earn more. The maximum you can earn from the five tasks is about $0.4 which is not so bad considering that you are not forced to deposit money in the platform.

That’s how to go about earning free money on the gfex platform. Since no deposit is required at the moment, endeavour to earn some money from the platform.

How to Complete KYC On Gfex

On Gfex, users who have plans to withdraw have to complete kyc. Know your customer is a normal policy put in place by most financial platforms to ensure the identity of users are verified.

On Gfex I guess this is done to prevent unauthorized or greedy individuals from opening many accounts in the bid to cart away with the free bonus and in that way spam the system.

To complete kyc, click on your wallet icon, the last option at the lower right corner. Then scroll down to KYC and submit your kyc information either your Voters Card, NIN Slip or Premium NIN Card etc.

Gfex Login

If you want to login to your gfex account, simply click on and enter your details.

Minimum Withdrawal On Gfex

How to withdraw from gfex

The minimum withdrawal is $3. This means as a free user, you can actually withdraw some money from the platform as long as the rules remain unchanged.

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You just have to quantify for a couple of days with the free $200 welcome bonus and then the added interest when it gets to $3 can be withdrawn to your external crypto wallet.

You need to transfer from your locked balance to your coin purse before you place withdrawal.

Gfex Green Flags

1. Low minimum withdrawal of just $3. Makes it more realistic for people on vip0

2. Actually paying as I have received payment from them for free and many others too.

3. Referral rebates which is very interesting because people with a large team or many referrals will attain and surpass the minimum withdrawal in few hours as long as their referrals continue quantifying.

Gfex Red Flags

1. Website is one of these Ponzi schemes with no known owner.

2. The website trust rating on scam adviser and many others is very low.

3. Payment takes time to arrive meaning they pay manually. Another reason not to deposit money into the platform without thinking.

We’ve come to the end of the gfex review! If you enjoyed the article, feel free to share.

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