Mindviewers Review: Is mindviewers.com Legit? Find Out

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Mindviewers Review

Mindviewers is a social forum created for young Nigerians to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions regarding various issues pertaining to the society while at the same time utilize the social features of the platform such as messaging loved ones, following friends and sharing contents. In recent times, mindviewers have switched to an online earning platform as well and in this mindviewers review, we will be having a look at all there is to know about that.

Like I said, mindviewers started a reward scheme where users get paid for completing certain activities that weren’t paid for in the past. It is important to note that it’s been over a year since mindviewers was first launched and the platform just got more rewarding in recent times as a result of the various earning means added for users. Without wasting much time, let’s dive into this mindviewers review proper.

About Mindviewers

Mindviewers as the name implies is a social forum where users can share opinions, articles and writeups relating societal activities, be it politics, entertainment and the rest. There is no limitation to what a user can share on mindviewers except for pornographic contents; you will pretty much have absolute freedom to socialize.

But the interesting aspect is that, they pays users for completing these social activities and we will start by examining some of the ways of earning money from mindviewers for interested users to know if it’s a good fit or good source of passive income for them or not.

How to Earn Money on Mindviewers

Mindviewers daily login bonus

1. Get Paid to Login Daily – this is perhaps the most easy way of earning passive income from mindviewers from time to time. You can get paid to login everyday, the daily login rewards are accumulated for withdrawal at the end of every 7 days and can also be accumulated for withdrawal in 15 days depending on the login streak selected by the user.

All you have to do is login to your account and view at least 25 posts on either opinion or timeline tab and then engage on one or some of the posts, like and comment and then that day will be counted for you. Repeat the process for 7 days and earn 350 naira but if you are going for the 15 days login streak, maintain the constant login streak for 15 days and earn 1050 naira which can be instantly withdrawn.

2. Get Paid By Users – this is another way of earning money on mindviewers. You simply post something lovely such as interesting stories, advices and opinions and earn some money from viewers who like your stories. Users can tip you for your posts on the platform as long as they are interesting enough.

3. Get Paid 50% of The Ad Revenue Generated from your posts. If you post interesting stuff, you can get paid 50% of the ad revenue generated from the content you shared. There is an option to track your ad earnings on the platform but you can access this on the make money page i.e. if you qualify for the task.

4. A penny for your thoughts – this is an hourly competition where the last person to comment sensibly under the current post wins some money instantly. It’s just a competition so there are no guarantees, don’t expect to always be the winner and also bear in mind that it’s going to be a struggle. The reward is not usually big.

Mindviewers Sign Up Process

To sign up, simply hop into mindviewers website and click on Sign up. Enter your correct details because to access some additional services on the website, you must have a verified account with your Twitter username submitted.

So avoid using fake information to create mindviewers account and also bear in mind that, creating more than one account can lead to total termination from the administrator. There is absolutely no need for such dubious act on the platform, operate one account and you’ll have no problems.

After creating the account, click on the three lines at the top left corner, there you will see the get paid to login option and the Make money page. Click on make money to access all the information related to how you can start earning money on mindviewers and also click on the daily login option to select the login streak you’re going for.

Recall that I said you can go for either the 7 days streak or the 15 days streak. Whichever one you go for, ensure you don’t skip a day as that will render the days you’ve logged in already, invalid.

How to Withdraw From Mindviewers | Minimum Withdrawal

How to withdraw from mindviewers

The minimum withdrawal on mindviewers is 200 naira if you are purchasing airtime and 500 naira if you want to withdraw directly to bank. Whereas if you want to withdraw via crypto, you must wait till your total balance gets up to 20 Usdt.

To withdraw from mindviewers, simply click on your profile icon at the top right corner, then tap on your balance and click on withdraw balance. Fill the required details such as amount, mode of payment and your account details or phone number and submit. Last I checked, payment is not instant. So withdraw and wait, payment often arrives within 24 hours.

Mindviewers Review – Is Mindviewers.com Legit Or Scam?

Since this is a mindviewers review, I am sure everyone reading this article now is dying to know if mindviewers is actually paying? Is mindviewers real or fake and many other questions. So I will answer the questions to avoid being crucified.

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Mindviewers is legit. Like I stated earlier, the platform wasn’t launched today, it’s been over a year or even getting to two years that mindviewers.com was launched and then they were running a referral program that most people withdrew successfully from; I inclusive.

There were no issues with payment for most users then and there is still no issues with payment. Even though, I have not placed a withdrawal of recent, I believe with the various reforms and activities of the official page including the various withdrawals showing on the payout log that mindviewers is legit and still paying.

If you’re looking for a way to be earning passive income without hassle, mindviewers could be the perfect spot for you at the moment.

We’ve come to the end of this mindviewers review! If you enjoyed the article, feel free to join our telegram channel for more articles and reviews of online money making schemes and platforms.

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