Palmpay Win Big Promo: Earn Free 10,000 Naira Daily

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Palmpay for a number of weeks now, launched a new promotion known as the win big offer which is aimed at rewarding users who invite their friends and family members to the platform via the special link generated. If you are looking for a way to make some money online, then I would suggest you try out this new offer from palmpay.

In this article, we will be having a look at how to make 10,000 naira daily on palmpay via the win big offer/ promotion but before we get down to that, there is need to understand how the win big offer works for all palmpay users.

About Palmpay Win Big Promo

Palmpay win big offer campaign page

The palmpay win big promo is a very attractive offer from the platform that rewards users who refer a certain number of users. Though the number of you users you can refer varies from one user to the other, as some users earn 10,000 naira after referring 10 users to the platform through the link and code generated from the win big promo page.

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While some other users earn this amount after they have hit upto 15 to 16 users but the maximum referrals I have seen so far is 16. If you are able to refer 16 users you earn the 10,000 naira bonus on the palmpay in the win big promo. What makes the palmpay win big offer interesting is the fact that you earn money daily by just inviting people to palmpay to sign up with your code, no other task, the users are not required to deposit.

How to Earn 10,000 Naira Daily On Palmpay Win Big

Palmpay win big free 10,000 Naira

  • Download Palmpay App and sign up if you have not via HERE. Then enter this code C34CLG7V if you are asked to paste a referral code or the code of the person who invited you to the platform.

After creating an account, login to the account and click on Win Big on the list of available services, then generate a link and code to start referring. For each user who creates an account with your code, you get free bonus. All interested participants are given over 9,000 Naira bonus to start with of which they will be required to complete the bonus and place withdrawal. It works like cash spree but it’s more rewarding.

The Downsides of Palmpay Win Big Promo

  1. The main downside of the win big offer is that there is no stated number of referrals you can get to withdraw the money. Some people complete their task with 10 referrals while some others 15 and so on.
  2. Palmpay reserves the right to cancel a withdrawal if they feel the referrals or users you got are fraudulent or are not real. This is a negative sign because sometimes they cancel unjustly after one has referred 10 or more people and worse still, there is no appeal process.
  3. For the referrals to be truly valid, they need to complete real name authentication with either BVN or NIN. This makes the referral process more difficult as there are people who regardless of how popular palmpay may be wouldn’t like to enter their BVN or sensitive details.

That’s all you need to know about about palmpay win big offer. You can make up to 10,000 naira daily by participating in the program especially if you have alot of friends to refer to palmpay app. Same way there are some downsides, there are numerous positive things about the promo apart from the fact that you stand a chance of earning 10,000 naira for doing little or nothing.

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