Situne Shop Review, Legit or Scam – Should You Buy From Them?

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Situne shop is one of the new online e-commerce platforms in Nigeria that has started to gain reasonable value amongst the people but despite that, there is no standard review of the shop on the internet. This has led to many assuming Situne is a fraudulent application that doesn’t deliver like it’s counterparts. If you have been searching for Situne shop review, is Situne shop legit? and so on, this article aims to answer most of your questions based on personal experience.

In this article we are going to be having a look at Situne shop review, whether Situne shop is a legit online store or not and also giving some valid tips whether you should buy or order things from this shop. Without wasting time, let’s get started with some of the discourse.

About Situne Shop

About Situne shop

Situne is an online e-commerce website and application that provides users with the opportunity to order anything they like at discounted prices and get it delivered to any part of the country. Situne claims to be one of the most affordable shops considering the fact that most products are from china and as such, it is usually considerable cheaper when compared to other products.

Situne has an application and a website thus giving users enough chance to go for whichever one suits them as some people despise entering their account details on websites. So you have both an application and a website to make it reasonably official.

Is Situne Shop Legit or Scam?

Situne shop is legit. It is a new shop but it is completely legit. What is a scam? Something is said to be a scam if it doesn’t deliver on what it promises; this is far from what Situne is about and even though the shop is still relatively new at the time of publishing this article, it has been proven to be legit at all capacities.

However, Situne sometimes come up with campaigns aimed at giving back to the users with some cash prizes. Sometimes they don’t deliver on what they promise but one can’t call them scam just because of this as their primary goal is providing users an amazing shopping experience and they’ve been doing that.

How to Start shopping On Situne Shop

How to start shopping on Situne shop

To start, you need an account and this could either be created via the website – or you can head over to the app store and download Situne shop application. On the app, all you will be required to do is create an account and start shopping or checking out the available goods that suits your taste.

Situne goods are affordable like I said and sometimes, they come up with something known as Group shopping. During this time, you can buy things at very affordable prices and it often happens on Thursdays.

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Whenever Situne group activity starts, emails are often sent to the users informing them of the campaign Incase a user is interested in purchasing things at very affordable prices at the time. But is Situne all rosy and good with no downsides? The answer is no, even the best e-commerce websites or apps have somethings that has the potential of irritating users and Situne is not exempted from this.

Downsides of Situne Shop

1. Goods from china take a month plus to get delivered to the customer after placing and paying for the order. If you order something from Situne and considering that most of their goods are from china, you may end up receiving what you ordered a month after you placed the order. This is typical of china based e-commerce platforms and it is a deal breaker for someone who intends using the goods urgently.

2. Goods from Lagos up to 7 days while the ones from china take a month plus to get delivered.

3. There is no defined identity of the owner of Situne shop. This is not so good for a platform like theirs because it involves people paying for what they’ve not yet seen in most cases. So the platform should consider revealing the Identity of the owner of Situne to give users stronger feeling and trust.

Situne Review: Should You Buy Things From Them?

Is Situne shop legit or scam

Honestly, you can go ahead and purchase goods from Situne as long a iss the goods are cheaper than what you see on other websites or what you get from physical stores.

As for being a scam or not, Situne shop is far from that, orders are being delivered at when due i.e. either 7 days or a month depending on where it’s from and then Situne has a good customer service. So there is no reason not to order from the platform when they have what you are looking for and you can wait.

Disclaimer – this review wasn’t paid for. It’s based on personal experience and not due to any incentive. So use the information contained in this piece as you please. 

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