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Survey54 is an online market research platform based in Africa. If you are the type of person who at any point have been relatively reliant on survey applications or platforms to make money, then you must have heard about survey54. So in this survey54 review, we will be finding out if the survey platform is legit or scam as well as how to get free 200 naira airtime or cash reward for signing up.

In this article as already stated, we will be having a look at a review of survey54 for those who may be interested in completing surveys to earn some money or completing tasks to earn money to know if survey54 is the right platform for them or not. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to what we came here for.

About Survey54

Survey54 as already mentioned is a market research platform based in Africa with it’s primary focus being making research in africa much easier than it used to be. This means, companies can easily conduct researches to get the view of Africans into various matters by simply going through survey54.

Apart from that, users who are interested in earning passive income from either completing surveys or tasks online, may also have a nice time in survey54 because they send out surveys occasionally for users to complete and earn some money. Besides the surveys, there are also tasks as presently, there is a task for ride-hailing drivers on Bolt or Uber who may want to earn additional stipends monthly by submitting their monthly receipts.

This task can be easily completed on the survey54 website by creating an account, verifying your account and tapping on tasks with the receipts to get the activity done in order to be credited with the reward.

Survey54 Review – Is Survey54 Legit Or Scam Survey?

Is survey54 legit or scam?

Survey54 is a legit survey website. As a matter of fact, we have completed some surveys from the platform in the past and earned some money. They send out surveys to the email address of the respondents especially when the survey slot is limited and there is an incentive to be won.

So signing up on this survey website is and cannot be a bad idea. You have a lot to gain from it whether now or in the long run. For the purpose of this survey54 review, it’s safe to take home the fact that survey54 is legit and not scam.

How to Create An Account And Get Drew 200 Naira

Survey54 review

Survey54 is currently giving away free 200 naira to users who create an account and answer a profile survey. The profile survey is to know what the customer likes and some important personal details about the user. If you are into surveys, then you will know that most survey sites need the information to know the kind of surveys suitable for a user’s profile.

But on survey54, you get rewarded for answering this profile survey and even though it’s not the first time of them doing this, there is often a limited time for it. So immediately you are off this article, hop into survey54, create an account and complete the profile survey.

First step if you want to create a survey54 account is to open their Website.

Fill the sign up form which includes, your email and phone number. For verification, only the phone number will receive OTP, enter the password received and your account will be fully verified and accepted to login.

The moment you login, you will be shown some tasks, scroll down to the end to see the welcome survey with a 200 naira incentive attached to it. Click on it and complete the survey.

It’s basically personal questions about yourself and there is no disqualification. Immediately you’re done answering the survey, your survey54 balance will be credited with 200 naira, to see the bonus, click on the three lines at the top left corner, then on earnings to see your bonus.

How to Withdraw From Survey54

If you wish to withdraw from the survey website either now or in the future, just click on the three lines at the top left for et and on earnings, then you withdraw.

You can either withdraw as airtime which will be instantly credited or to your chipper cash wallet. Additionally, you would have to wait 48 hours before you can withdraw the rewards credited to you for answering or completing the profile survey.

Is it Possible to Accumulate Survey54 Free 200 Naira?

I have no idea if this is possible but even if it is, this is not the right place to make it public. It’s best to complete the survey once with one account and relax because any fraudulent activity can lead to blocking of all accounts you created which will ruin your chances of earning from this survey site later on.

We’ve come to the end of survey54 review! If you enjoyed it, feel free to share to friends and family members and also join our telegram channel.

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