Sweatcoin Piggy Bank Reward: Get $2 and Upto $20 Via Referring

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Sweatcoin app is running a new promo dubbed the piggy bank reward which gives some users access to earn $2 for referring 5 friends to the app with their link. I am certain this is not first time you’re hearing about Sweatcoin app as it has been around for some years now.

In this article, we are going to be finding out more about the sweatcoin Piggy Bank reward and how you can utilize it to earn $2 free and if you are lucky, you can even earn more than $2 depending on how tactical you are. Before we start going into how to get the bonus, it is important to understand what sweatcoin application is all about to enable new users understand the app better.

About Sweatcoin App

Sweatcoin is a platform that rewards users with sweatcoins when they engage in physical activities such as walking, trekking etc daily. Sweatcoin has been around for a while like I said and some people have even accumulated enough sweatcoin to redeem or sell to vendors for cash.

Features of Sweatcoin

1. Pedometer:

Sweatcoin will run in the background, wasting no battery, to count your steps as a distance tracker and pacer.

2. Marketplace:

Get exclusive offers for free, prizes and discounts that you will not find anywhere else.

3. Security:

Sweatcoin uses its own algorithm to count your steps. That means that, unlike other apps, we don’t track your location and we don’t have to share any information with a third party. Your data is only yours (and will always be!).

Another interesting thing about Sweatcoin is that, they conduct giveaways and exclusive promotions for users from time to time. This time around, the sweatcoin Piggy Bank reward is making waves and if you take it seriously, you can make some money.

How Sweatcoin Piggy Bank Reward Works

Sweatcoin Piggy bank reward free $2 referral bonus

Sweatcoin Piggy bank reward is a new exclusive promo that gives users free $2 when they refer at least 5 people to download and create account with their referral link.

The promo is set to run till 17th of July, meaning you have till 17th to earn the $2 for referring users to the sweatcoin app. But it’s an exclusive promo that is not available to all users, only old users are more likely to have the offer.

How to Get Free $2 On Sweatcoin Via Piggy Bank Reward

Piggy bank reward

First of all, you need to login to your old sweatcoin app by downloading the app directly from App store or playstore.

Sign into your account and you will see the offer on your dashboard, simply click on invite, copy your referral link and share to friends to users. Each account is eligible for $2 but if you have many sweatcoin accounts, you can login to them and use them to refer in order to earn more than $2.

After referring 5 users you redeem the bonus to your PayPal account. The payment will arrive in your PayPal within 3 days. The sweatcoin Piggy bank reward is exclusive to some users and not all, so if you don’t see the offer on your account, you may see something else.

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If you don’t have an account, you can Download Sweatcoin and create a new account, then start walking or trekking to accumulate more sweatcoins, when you accumulate enough, you can transfer to sweat wallet and sell to vendors.

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