Letschat Treasure Hunt: Get 150 Naira Airtime & iPhone

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Letschat Treasure hunt is ongoing at the moment and you can get free 150 naira airtime and stand a chance to win an iPhone! Letschat is known for conducting giveaways for users every now and then and this time around they are running a treasure hunt that is in form of draw for all users both new and old and lucky ones can go home with airtime and an iPhone 14.

About Letschat treasure hunt

This article will serve both as an informational content and also a how to’ because you will be finding out how to get your own share of the airtime in the ongoing Letschat Treasure hunt. But before we get down to the steps to follow in order to get your own airtime, let’s first know what Letschat is all about for people who are just hearing about the app for the first time and what the treasure hunt is all about i.e. also give brief details about the Letschat Treasure hunt.

About Letschat App

Letschat is a social medium that works in similar way as many other social media platforms you have used or currently using. As a matter of fact, Letschat is one of the fast growing social media applications out there because of the giveaways they conduct from time to time and the free video and voice calls people enjoy on the platform which has turned out to be one of the most celebrated features of the app.

You can chat, call and connect with close friends and relatives on the Letschat app! Letschat is available on both Apple devices and Android. You can download Letschat from Google Play store or App store.

How letschat Treasure Hunt works

Letschat treasure hunt free 150 naira

Letschat Treasure hunt is a promotional campaign put in place by Letschat administrators for users. It’s a draw lucky users can win iPhone 14 but the guaranteed bonus for users is airtime and you can get the airtime when they complete three tasks.

The tasks are as follows;

  1. Make a call either video or voice to a friend in your list for at least 30 seconds.
  2. Answer some basic questions about Letschat free call and services. The remaining two tasks are just questions about Letschat free calls.

When you are done with the three tasks, you will be credited with a total of 150 naira airtime. Each task you complete, you get 50 naira airtime, complete the three of them and get 150 naira airtime.

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That’s how lestchat treasure hunt works. The treasure hunt is slated to run from 5th of June to 9th of June and users who complete the three tasks would be eligible to open the treasure box by 9pm to stand a chance to win an iPhone 14.

That’s all you need to know about the Letschat Treasure hunt and getting the free airtime! Enjoy and do well to join our telegram channel and group for more interesting updates.

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