Whippy Afrik Review – Read Before Joining whippyafrik.top

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Whippy Afrik Review

Whippy Afrik is the newly launched online earning website that claims to have the goal of financially liberating the interested users. If you are a social media freak or someone who is very interested in online money making, I bet you have seen some screenshots and posts from people advertising whippyafrik.top, but don’t let that sway you into signing up on the platform without reading this whippy Afrik Review.

In this whippy Afrik Review, we will be having an objective look into the various aspects of the platform, how to earn money on the platform, the various product list and finally, answering the very important question, is whippyafrik.top legit or scam? These are more will be discussed in this article for the purpose of enlightening people who may want to join the platform.

About Whippy Afrik

Whippy Afrik is an online earning website where users earn up to 25% of whatever product they buy on the website. There are numerous products on the website and as a new user, you get to earn 25% of any plan purchased for a period of 20 days.

The minimum deposit or plan to purchase is the 1,000 naira plan which they claim will yield 250 naira per day for 20 days. If you are interested in earning more however, you can deposit something much higher as the highest deposit amount is 100,000 naira.

Whippyafrik.top Product List

Whippy Afrik product list

Like I said, you can purchase any product or plan starting from 1,000 naira which is known as the whippy 1 to whippy 10. Below is a screenshot of the plans you can purchase on the whippy Afrik website.

Whippy Afrik Review – Is whippyafrik.top Legit Or Scam?

The reason why I advised everyone to read this whippy Afrik review before joining the platform is because I intend sharing my honest opinion about the website to you as the intending user.

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Firstly, it is important to note that we’ve seen numerous websites like whippy Afrik and platforms that come with this kind of arrangement or plan, never last. It is even safe to say that whippy Afrik is not legit in the real sense of the word despite the fact that it’s paying at the moment. Reason is, websites like this get weak easily due to their unsustainable structure.

If you have plans to sign up or join the whippy Afrik website, ensure you’re doing so with money you can afford to lose without skin pain. Why is that? The reason is, there is a very high chance that you may not even be able to break even i.e. regain your capital.

Secondly, whippy Afrik is not a responsive website. For a website that involves real money deposits from users, the least they would have done is set up a standard websites but no, the website is slow and very annoying to use. This again is a red flag. I tried navigating the website and had a hard time accessing all the pages I had in the mind.

Whippyafrik was launched on the 1st of March and they are already sharing very huge withdrawal screenshots on their telegram page. This is a red flag and a very common ploy by site owners to convince gullible individuals that their website is legit and paying. You know people get moved alot by what they see.

If after reading the above points, you still wish to proceed with signing up on the website, then keep reading to know how to get started on whippy Afrik.

How to Sign Up On Whippy Afrik

To sign up, click on the whippy Afrik click on register, then fill your details such as phone number, password etc and submit.

Upon sign up, you’d be logged into the main dashboard with the various product list to purchase. Simply select any of them, purchase and start making money.

One way to boost your earnings on the website is by referring new users. If you want to refer new users, click on invite and copy your link. Share to people and earn rebates and bonuses from users who recharge and activate any plan as well as users who refer others.

Minimum Withdrawal

Whippy Afrik minimum withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal on whippy Afrik is 500 naira and according to the information on their website, you can withdraw from 8am to 6pm in the evening. Withdrawals get processed within few minutes under normal circumstances till the platform stops paying or if there’s something evidently wrong with your account.

To withdraw, simply click on the Withdraw button on your dashboard, fill your account details, enter amount you wish to withdraw and submit

We’ve come to the end of this whippy Afrik review! Do you think, the website is worth giving a shot, feel free to share and join our telegram channel for more interesting updates.

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    My honest opinion is that the site is scam and the owners of Whippy Afrik are fraudsters.

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