Ishopnow Review – Is Legit Or Scam?

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Ishopnow review

Ishopnow is an order grabbing website that claims to be foreign and with a provision for users to earn free money on the website. So in this ishopnow review, we will be finding out all there is to know about the platform; besides the money making aspect, we will also be answering questions such as; is Ishopnow legit or scam? and much more for your own good.

In this article as already mentioned, we will be reviewing ishopnow to know if the platform is actually what they claim to be or another sham waiting to run away with the money of unsuspecting individuals. Without wasting much time, let’s get down to the purpose of writing this article.

How Does Ishopnow Work?

Ishopnow with the URL is an order grabbing website where you register as a user and be given free $10 usdt to enable you complete an order grabbing task on a daily basis in order to earn some extra revenue. The moment you sign up on the website, you will be assigned a rookie membership meaning you can only grab two orders daily and your earnings are limited significantly.

There are many other ranks on ishopnow but they are all dependent on the amount such user decides to deposit on the platform. Depositing money on the website is not something I would advise anybody to do though but if you have money that you’re willing to risk, then you can go ahead and deposit money to increase your membership ranking as well as increase the daily orders you can grab which in turn means higher earnings.

Ishopnow Review – Is legit or scam?

The truth is that ishopnow is not a legit website. It may be paying for now, that doesn’t change the fact that it is a Ponzi scheme and numerous websites with similar scripts and arrangement has been launched in the past and still going to be launched in the future.

There is need for you to be wary and apply caution before even thinking about depositing money into this platform. Ishopnow may be popular at the moment, but the truth remains that it’s not a legit platform. The order grabbing is just a tool used by the owners to create an illusion in the minds of users that they are actually working for the money they get. But this is false.

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Additionally, ishopnow claims to be a foreign website but our research proves otherwise. There is actually no ownership information attached to the domain name and from the rating of websites, the platform has a very low trust score and suspected to be a scam or fraudulent website out there to swindle ignorant people. One sign of a dubious platform is, discrepancies in their ownership information. When a platform claims to be foreign while in actuality, they have nothing to do with foreigners.

Personally, I noticed major flaws and it will be unfair for me to call this an ishopnow review without informing the readers of mu observations. In as much as some of these online earning websites have paid me in the past and ishopnow is currently giving free $10 to enable users earn without depositing, there are still some things worthy of mentioning. One of them is, ishopnow mobile app could be a fraudulent or malware application. So it is highly unadvisable to download and install the app.

If you must register on the website to partake in the free promotion, make sure you do this via the website. Secondly, ishopnow is terribly slow and buggy on both mobile app and web. During the day, you may not even be able to grab the two orders available for rookie members.

Poorly built site promising users numerous bonuses – a major red flag in the business of online earning platforms. More reasons never to deposit money on ishopnow.

Based on my assessment, is not a legit website. You can use the free version though websites like ishopnow change rules faster than lightning. Once they discover people are not depositing, they will stop the free version and force everyone to deposit. It’s common knowledge and could happen anytime from now. So it’s literally pointless registering on the site but if you insist, below are the guides you should follow to create an account on ishopnow.

How to Create An Account On Ishopnow

To create an account on ishopnow, you need to visit the website. Then proceed to register an account. As you’re creating the account, endeavour to put this code – C283PR as referral code.

This is to qualify you for the free $10 welcome bonus and then you submit the sign up form. There is no verification whatsoever, once you’re done registering, scroll down to where you will see “start making money” click on it and proceed from there to complete your order.

As a rookie member, you can only grab two orders which will fetch you $0.36 extra gain. Continue this on a daily basis to accumulate more money i.e. if the platform doesn’t crash before you reach minimum withdrawal.

Can Ishopnow $10 Be Withdrawn?

The answer is no. It’s just to kickstart a users earnings on the platform. It can’t be withdrawn. You will use it to generate extra gain which can now be withdrawn.

Ishopnow Minimum Withdrawal

Ishopnow daily gain

The minimum withdrawal is $10. So before you can place withdrawal, you must have earned an extra $10 on the welcome bonus before you place withdrawal.

From the tales of people who have successfully withdrawn, it takes approximately 24 hours for withdrawals to be credited to the user’s wallet.

I guess we’ve come to the end of this ishopnow review! Is the platform legit from your assessment of this article? Feel free to share your opinions in the comment section.

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